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Phone: (270) 826-9152

Fax: (270) 212-3084

Chapelwood PlaceApartments

Let's face it: times are changing. We live in a world where we don't have to interact with another human being AT ALL if we really don't want to. Even though our staff is perky and efficient, we understand that you might not want to call the office to report an issue that you're having in your home. Personally, I get anxiety dialing the phone to order a pizza, let alone calling someone to say that I clogged my toilet so bad that I need assistance........Here is the solution!

This is a brand new service we are offering to our residents and we need your help perfecting the system! We would love to hear any feedback and are open to suggestions on how to make this a success!


If you have a maintenance emergency (refer to your rules and regulations in your lease) please call:

Eric at (270) 844-3328 or Tony at (270) 844-3382

***Submitting this form is gives your consent for entry to complete this work order***